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BBC London: "the hippest hips in town"

2015/2016 was a great year for the Mahotella Queens - touring all over the world  (US, Europe, UK, South America, Australia) - and especially in South Africa there was a lot of hype around them - performing with some of the younger musicians, having the honour to get a 1 hour ICONS documentary series etc.

Last year the legendary South African female vocal ensemble the Mahotella Queens celebrated 50 remarkable years of music making – and yet they show no signs of slowing down.

The Queens, formed in 1964, are world-famous for their distinctive multi-part vocal harmonies, guitar-led mbaqanga music and fast-paced dancing.

They have been through several line-up changes over the decades, evolving from a studio recording “girl group” of five or six singers to the trio of in-demand international superstars they are today. The three original “Queens” who rejoined the line-up in 1987 following a global explosion of interest in South African music – Hilda Tloubatla, Nobesuthu Mbadu and Mildred Mangxola – have continued with the group’s legacy despite setbacks that included the death of frequent collaborator Simon “Mahlatini” Nkabinde.

In 2013, Mildred retired from the group due to ill health, and the Mahotella Queens have entered 2014 and 2015, their golden jubilee year, with a new member, Amanda Nkosi, and a renewed focus on making musical magic.
In 2016 they will return to Europe in October and November to show again the "hippest hips in town" (BBC London)...


Together with the ‘Makhona Tsothle Band’, and the late, great, bass "groaner", Mahlatini, they invented “Mbaqanga” - a potent mix of various South African and imported styles - an explosive sound; intimately regional yet widely universal, which not only changed the course of music in their country, but continues to captivate the world. With the warmth of captivating songs and energetic dance routines, they carved their path through the 1960's, and across the ‘70’s triumphantly, setting international stages alight by the mid-‘80’s, well into the ‘90’s…. and onwards…


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Mahotella Queens at CARE Event in Berlin

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